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Fiorentina - Inter (the lineups)

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The Fiorentina and Inter teams failed to win a winner in their 20th round in the A Series. Artemio Franky`s duel ended with a 1:1 score, with Mauro Icardi giving the lead in the 55th minute, but Giovanni Simeone equalized in the added time and continued the bad series of `Nerazzurri`, who have already won 5 consecutive gamesof your bill. Although it came at the end, however, the draw was rather a fair result by contacts with football picks in view of what the two teams showed and the positions ahead of the two doors. Fiorentina coach Stefano Piolay has set the trio Giovanni Simeone, Federico Kieza and Cyril Tero in attack. In the middle of the field, Milan Badel, Marco Benassi and Joan Verretu operated.

Inter was counting on the attack of his star Mauro Icardi. He was backed by more backward positions by Borja Valero, Ivan Perisic and Joao Mario.

Still in the second minute Fiorentina missed the score. Davide Astorri`s head shot, headed for Giovanni Simeone`s footsteps, but failed to react and put the ball in the door.

In the 6th minute the hosts organized an interesting counterattack, finishing with Federico Kieza`s jump of about 25 meters but above the door. Two minutes later, Veretut centered in the pennant, and Simeone fired a shot, but he was not very precise.

Fiorentina continued to be the more dangerous of both teams, and in the 14th minute, Kieza found Tero in a firing position in the penalty area but the Frenchman slipped and failed to score a shot. In the 17th minute Inter came to the first position in the match. Roberto Gallidini fired a shot from the border of the penalty area, but Marco Sportiello had a good position and saved. In the 22nd minute, Ivan Perisic centered on the left and the ball went dangerously towards the door, but Sportielo was back again.

In the 31st minute Perisic managed to overtake his keeper and shoot his head after a treacherous centering in the penalty, but his shot went over the door. At the beginning of the second half Fiorentina had a new good position. Chieza sent a powerful penalty kick from the border of the ball and the ball bounced off the bar. But in the 55th minute, Inter opened the score. Joao Canzello is at the center of the foul, and Icardi shoots his head, his shot is saved by the goalkeeper, but the Argentine reaches a quick shot and takes the ball to 0:1. The hosts were quickened and 71 minutes into the match, Milan Badel managed to block the ball in a defensive condition and the ball went dangerously close to the goal. Two minutes later, Kieza got into the ball, flipping a defender and shooting at a close angle, but could not find the outline of the door. In the 77th minute Perisic elegantly found Borja Valero in the penalty area and the Spaniard shook his head but over the door.

A minute later, Kuma El Babakar fired with a scissors in the direction of Inter`s door, and Samir Handanovich with a brilliant interference kept his door. In the 85th minute Inter missed an excellent chance to solve everything in the game. Icardi handed to Antonio Kandreva, who elbowed the goalkeeper, but from a small angle he could not direct the ball into the door.

In the 91th minute,

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