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Football tip Scandalous baseball player suggested that Donald Trump takes over his administration

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The former MLB star Jose Canseco once again justifies his scandalous image, sending provocative messages to US President Donald Trump. The 54-year-old American of Cuban descent has offered himself as a new head of the White House administration to inherit the outgoing chief of state, John Kelly. `Hey, a little boyfriend, Donald Trump, you need me as the boss of the administration, I already have a secret plan for reorganization, I`m also worried that every day you look more like an ecler, I`ll remind you of the daily workouts I write to myself!', wrote Canseco at Twitter, adding the yeswecanseco irony likewise to the Yes We Can slogan of Barack Obama`s presidential campaign.

It`s not actually the first time Oakland Atletico`s once outsider offers Trump`s services. In the beginning of October, when Nikki Haley resigned as the United Nations Permanent Representative to the United Nations, the baseball official announced he was ready to take the diplomatic post. `Hey, a little buddy Donald Trump, I`m interested in a managerial position at the UN, write to me personal ideas and a confidential 90-day plan!`, wrote Canseco with a readynow hat.

Jose Canseco is one of the most controversial figures in modern history of baseball. As a player he left a memorable track with the teams of seven clubs from football goals video clips , reaching twice the championship title of MLB - with Oakland Atletico (1989) and New York Yankees (2000). For 16 seasons in the Premier League (1985-2001), he hit 462 home runs, was selected as `Rookie of the Year` (1986) and MVP (1988) and six times starred in the 1986 Star Game, 1988-1990, 1992, 1999). After the end of his career, Canseco admitted that he had used anabolic steroids for a long time. In 2005, he published his autobiography, Juiced (2005), in which he announced that most of the 90`s and early twentieth-century stars used doping. He later wrote a second book on the topic:`Proven: big names, big liars and the battle to save baseball!` (Vindicated:Big Names, Big Liars, and The Battle to Save Baseball, 2008).

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