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Football tipster Lazio is threatened with two official losses

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Lazio is accused of violating the protocols for COVID-19 on notifying local authorities of positive tests of the team and following the mandatory instructions, informs `Football Italia`. The investigation was launched in the autumn of 2020 due to discrepancies between the results of the testing of Lazio players for coronavirus before the matches of the Champions League and Serie `A`. The activities of the laboratory in Salerno and the relevant incidents of 27 October and 3 November were investigated. Lazio officials say local health authorities are to blame for the fact that positive results from a footballer`s test were not reported. Lazio and Lotito will face formal charges of violating medical protocols. The Roman club predicted by buy football tips is in fifth place in the Serie A standings with 40 points after 22 games.

Lazio is threatened with two official losses Football tipster - more details and information: Football tipster

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 Game: Malaysia - Hong Kong 
 Kick-off: 28 03 2023, 12:00 
 Prediction: Malaysia -0.75 
 Result: 2:0 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Liberia - South Africa 
 Kick-off: 28 03 2023, 18:00 
 Prediction: Goal/Goal 
 Result: 1:2 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Namibia - Cameroon 
 Kick-off: 28 03 2023, 15:00 
 Prediction: Cameroon -0.75 
 Result: 2:1 
 Status: Lost 

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