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Football tipster Zidane: We stay in the game and we will fight to the end

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has refused to criticize referee Hernandez Hernandez for his decision not to play a penalty for his team after playing with Felipe`s hand during the derby with Atletico Madrid, which ended 1:1. The French specialist also stressed that after thatdraw los blancos will continue their title fight.

Benzema saved Real Madrid with a late goal against Atletico

As always, I do not interfere in the work of judges, it is difficult. The referee decided to review the situation and not award a penalty. We respect that choice and that`s it. Do I understand the criterion for handball? Look, we know that in any case, the topic is complex and we should not go into it. The decision is up to the judge and he is responsible for it. We must respect that. Nothing will change. The players said that there was a handball, the referee reviewed the situation and decided not to give a penalty. Nothing goes through my head. He decides and nothing can change. If he plays, then it`s a penalty. If he doesn`t play, there is no penalty. The important thing was to stay in the match, that`s what we did.

The first half was theirs and the second was ours. The draw was deserved, and in the end we had goal situations. We could have learned something more, but the good thing is that we played a different second part and that we changed the course of the match. We won one point and stay in the game. We will fight to the end. The goal is to keep fighting. We know that there is a lot left and we will fight until the end. Everything can always change. We are doing well and we can improve. That is exactly what we will do. The most important thing was to play a different second half. Our attitude and what we did after the break were important. Everyone deserves to play, that won`t change. I have to choose 11 players and then there are shifts. I am proud of all my players, Zidane commented after the match.

Zidane: We stay in the game and we will fight to the end Football tipster - more details and information: Football tipster

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