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Burnley outpaced Tottenham

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Burnley defeated Bournemouth 2:1 as a guest and beat Tottenham in the Premier League standings. Chris Wood (37 `) and Robbie Brady (65 `) gave a good lead to the guests. 11 minutes before the end, Joshua King reduced, but the `cherries` failed to take more than this match. Simon Francis returned to the hosts after a penalty. Phil Bardsley and Chris Wood started for the guests.

At the very beginning, Burnley played three consecutive corners, and after the last Wood he shot his head in the beam. One and a half hours after the start, Assmir Begovic slaughtered Wood very hard. Hendrik also missed a good chance for guests to reach the 37th minute when Brady broke through the left flank and centered on the far side. A ricochet was made, after which the ball was on Wood`s way, which was accurate from the small penalty area - 0:1.

In the 65th minute the visitors doubled. Gudmundson finds Brady at the border of the penalty area, and Burnley midfielder shoots right in the corner with his right foot.

In the 79th minute Francis`s center reached Defofu, who failed to score a shot, but sent the ball to the far beam where King caught a close shot, reducing the score.

Burnley already has 25 points - one less than Liverpool, but one more than Tottenham. Bournemouth ranks 15th with 14 points.


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