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Kozlova beat Lizzyki in Taiwan

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Urchin Katerina Kozlova has won the women`s tennis tournament by football livescore finals in Taiwan with a prize pool of 250, 000 dollars. Kozlova, defeated the Germans Zabini Lizietsky with 7:5, 6:4. The other place in the title match will be argued by number 4 Timae Babos (Hungary) and Chinese Van Ephan.

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 Game  : Netherlands - Argentina 
 Kick-off: 9 12 2022, 20:00 
 6 hours and 55 minutes remain 

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 Kick-off: 9 12 2022, 18:00 
 4 hours and 55 minutes remain 

 Game  : Malaysia - Cambodia 
 Kick-off: 9 12 2022, 14:00 
 0 hours and 55 minutes remain 

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