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Football tips Sarri: It won`t be easy against Milan

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Juventus mentor Maurizio Sarri treated Milan with respect, despite a poor start to the season for the Rossoneri. The two teams face off against each other in the Serie A 12th round derby tomorrow

Milan did not start the season well, but they are a good team. It will not be easy for us. We will have to play with a different intensity compared to Wednesday. There are different periods in football. It`s not easy to rebuild to get back to a very high level. Milan have a number of young players, laying the groundwork for an important future. We also have something to improve individually, collectively and tactically. We are not yet capable of solving matches. However, this also shows our strong character, which is why we struggle to win to the very end.

Aaron Ramsay can create a lot of goals. He has the ability to play as an attacking midfielder. We require a lot from Leonardo Bonucci because the team needs his experience and skills. In the opening phase of the season, he was pivotal. Hopefully sooner or later I`ll be able to give him a break. Gonzalo Higuain is highly motivated to do his best. At the moment he is well both physically and mentally. It contributes a lot to our game predictions by football tipping site building. I still don`t know if Cristiano Ronaldo will be ready for tomorrow. Let`s see how it will perform today and the one that is tomorrow. He has mild pain in his knee, but nothing is serious. Matthias de Licht will be training today and we will see how his situation is, Sarri said at his press conference before tomorrow`s game.

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