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City is changing the equipment, chasing United and Chelsea with the new contract

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Manchester City will soon announce the largest sponsorship deal in its history. According to the Daily Mail, `citizens` will change their sports equipment provider and sign a mega deal with Puma. The German giant will provide the club analyzed by football goals video clips with 50 million pounds a year, which is about 30 million more than the current Nike contract. This contract will become the fourth largest in the world after those of Barcelona (for 100 million a year), Manchester United (75 million) and Chelsea (60 million). The current Manchester City contract with Nike expires at the end of this season. Puma is currently dressing most clubs in Premier League - Arsenal, Leicester, Newcastle, Burnley and Huddersfield.

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 Game: Daejeon Korail - Gimcheon Sangmu 
 Kick-off: 30 03 2023, 12:00 
 Prediction: Daejeon Korail +1.25 
 Result: 1:2 
 Status: WON 1/2 

 Game: Gyeongju KHNP - Geoje 
 Kick-off: 30 03 2023, 12:00 
 Prediction: Geoje +1.25 
 Result: 1:1 (pen. 5:6) 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Honka - Mariehamn 
 Kick-off: 30 03 2023, 13:00 
 Prediction: Honka -0.75 
 Result: 0:0 
 Status: Lost 

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