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Football tipsters Mourinho after 1:2 against Liverpool: The better team lost

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Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho believes that his team did not deserve to lose against Liverpool in the derby of the 13th round of the Premier League. The Spurs lost 1:2, and with that is their lead in the standings, with Liverpool at the top.

The champions took over Mourinho`s fortress in the 90th minute and are on top again

`After the match I told Jurgen Klopp that the better team lost today. He did not agree, but this is his opinion. I want to notethat if I behave like him on the sidelines, they will probably kick me out. This attitude is biased. In a way, the rules are different for me. Tottenham completely controlled the match and the loss is an undeserved result, but this is football. changes, but overall we controlled the match analyzed by verified football tips and I`m happy.

Of course, we made mistakes, but small, and there is always something to improve. `We had to play against the champion at his stadium, and the chances of success were higher. Liverpool did not look like a champion team that was both a European and a world champion. There was no such difference on the pitch. `said Mourinho.

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