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UEFA will delete the gap between the poor and the rich

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UEFA President Alexander Cheferin shared the plans of his organization to erase the differences between poor and rich clubs in order to maintain the balance in European football. According to the Slovenian, it has already become unacceptable for the richest clubs to attract the best players and thus destroy the competition. `We need to stop this phenomenon, ` Cheferin told British Telegraph. The boss of European football has planned a series of meetings with the owners of the continent`s top clubs from football predictions to discuss some limitations on players `salaries and agents` commissions.

`Clubs that do not respect the rules will be forced to pay a luxury tax, ` the Slovenian said. UEFA also plans to supplement the rules of financial fair play with the requirement that the difference between the players attracted and sold does not exceed 100 million euros. Also limiting the number of leased players is planned to avoid Chelsea, who has a contract with over 50 players.

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