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Confirmed:Lewandowski has requested a transfer immediately

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Bayern Munich (Munich) scorer Robert Lewandowski has requested a transfer this summer, revealed his manager Pini Zahavi. Robert feels he needs change and a new challenge in his career, said the agent in an interview with Sport Bild. `Bayern`s bosses know this. His motives are not about money or a desire to join a particular club. Almost all leading teams would like to have the best striker in their ranks. The Polish player has been on the Allianz Arena for four years, during which he has always been a champion. Previously, he added two more titles to the Bundesliga with Borussia (Dortmund), but still fails to reach a triumph in the Champions League. This summer Leva turns 30 and seems to be firmly determined to leave Bayern.

In the last campaign he scored 41 goals in 48 matches by football tipping site for Bavarians in all tournaments. At the end of the season, however, he was angry at coach Jupp Heynckes that he had not helped him win the Golden Boot after pulling him out in a championship match.

Sport Bild says Zahavi has offered Lewandowski three clubs, one of which is Paris Saint-Germain. However, a transfer of this kind to the French champion seems unlikely because the team has problems with respecting the rules of financial fair play after the Neymar deal (222 million euros) and the upcoming one for Kylian Mabe (180 million), who so far played in PSG as leased.

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