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Suicidal rematch to Riasor, Zeedorff still has no victory

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The teams of Deportivo La Coruna and Las Palmas were disappointed after 1:1 in a 29th round of the Primera Division. The point left both teams in the relegation zone, and the 17th Levante victory made the Gallic and Canary survival mission even harder. Alain Halilovich (3) and Raul Albensos (22) have remarked to Riasor.

In the third minute, Halilovic headed to the right, no one met him, and Croat fired head-to-head - 0:1. The home team equalized in the 22nd round after the corner. Defender Raul Albensos was left alone alone and cheated goalkeeper Leandro Chisichola after a head shot. In the 60th, Halilovic missed a great chance for a second goal in the Gallic team`s door. In the end a new goal did not fall. The new coach of Deportivo Clarence Seedorf has yet to win.



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