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Gattuso worried at the start of the Cagliari match

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Gattuso has expressed his serious concerns about the game of his alumni in the first 20 minutes of the Cagliari match of the 4th round of Serie A. The Rossoneri allowed an early goal but returned to the match predicted by questions for football tips with Gonzalo Iguain of the second part, and at the end they could reach the victory, but the luck was on the side of the hosts. `The way we started the game was worrying:we managed to give Cagliari a rebound in the second half, but that was not enough, Cagliari deserves a 2:0 lead in the first half, which would make the game quite different. My work is to get our young players to realize how good they really are, we knew it would be difficult for us in Sardinia, but we can not be dissatisfied with the last Judgment signal, `said Gattuso. He also spoke on Gonzalo Higuain`s goal, which had flipped off for the Rosoner since he was sued by Juventus as part of Leonardo Bonucci`s return to Torino. Gonzalo was very helpful, and I have not seen an attacker come back so far and fight in the middle of the pitch!', said Gatsuzo, who remained firmly on the ground for Milan`s chances to fight for the front.

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