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Football tips Villarreal failed to beat Bilbao`s goalkeeper

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Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao failed to win in the 12th round of La Liga, which ended 0-0. The hosts came up with some very good opportunities, but failed to deal with goalkeeper Unai Simon, who was sinless. The 22-year-old guard pulled out at least two sure-fire goals, and when he couldn`t interfere, the ball passed the beam.

In the 59th minute Gerard Moreno`s shot came to the head of the goalkeeper, and in the 80th the man under the frame parried the detection of Raul Albiol. So Simon made up for his mistake two weeks ago when he caused his teammate Inigo Martinez`s own goal against Valladolid (1:1), which deprived the team of victory.

Sant Cazorla was also unlucky after firing twice very well, but out. As early as the 15th minute, the yellow submarine players claimed a penalty kick in the 15th minute when the ball dropped into Yuri Berciche`s hand, but the referee and his VAR colleagues decided there was no reason to point to the whitepoint.

Villarreal and Athletic continue to be neighbors in the ranking, but are outside the top 6.

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