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Football pick Mbappe is still Real Madrid`s No. 1 goal for next summer

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Real Madrid have not given up on their intention of attracting young Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe next summer, writes AS.

The driving factors at the club were impressed by the 20-year-old`s performance against Bruges in the Champions League. He then appeared on the pitch in the 52nd minute and by the end of the match mentioned by questions for football tips was able to form a perfect hat trick, scoring with his head, right and left leg. According to the newspaper, the Madrid bosses exchanged a lot of sms about Mbappe`s game in this match. `Did you see the performance of Mbappe? `, `For one half, he hatched the same Bruges that held us against the wall of the Santiago Bernabeu, ` `This is the addition that will keep the fans on their feet and will continue on thisway for at least another 10 years `- part of the messages that Real Madrid directors have sent to each other.

The President Florentino Perez has long been aware that Mbappe is the only player who can be the face of a team like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and the Ronaldo Phenomenon years ago. It will be very difficult to get a transfer to the young Frenchman, as PSG is not a club he often sells, nor does he need to. However, the two teams are on good terms. In addition, the player is not happy in some cases when Thomas Tuchel leaves him on the bench. At the end of last season, he said there might be a time when he could have more responsibility in PSG or some other place with a new project. The attacker was known to be able to put on a white T-shirt in 2017, but then he chose to switch to the Parc des Princes, as Perez was not ready to part with any of Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale.

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