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The return of Heinchess made Bayern (again) champion

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For Bayern (Munich), the club motto Mia san Mia (We are from the Bavarian dialect) today seems to have changed to Mia san Meister in view of the ever-increasing Bundesliga titles. The championship cries that could be heard from the burgeoning dressing room of the Augsburg Arena and the conduct of Juan Bernat and Rafina Conga over the crown fans are the fruit of the labor of a season that is just beginning.
The subsequent celebrations were deliberately muted. Players embraced and enjoyed one or two beers (non-alcoholic according to Karl-Heinz Rummeniggege), but the celebration was very short, rather a blackout on a list of goals to fulfill. Yes, they waved cardboard championship salads and danced under the sounds of Michael Jackson and Bey Jaze, apparently enjoying the occasion, but did not give up for a long time at the party.

Bayern and his 72-year-old senior coach Jup Heinkes, who is expected to leave (again) in the summer, are still likely to repeat their incredible five-year treble. It is no coincidence that Bild called the specialist who won 19 of his 22nd season championship, Der Vater des Erfolgs, and Kicker described him as Der Baumeister (Supreme Architect) and uses analogy for him as the man who made the screaming Ferrarito move again smoothly.
If Bayern finished his mission to remove Sevilla, he will reach the semi-finals of the Champions League and will probably qualify for the final by verified football tips of the German Cup. As the fears of many have shown in Borussia`s (Dortmund) devastation 6:0 prior to the title, Bayern is a champion in his own stratosphere.

So this week, Uli Hones laughed at the idea of introducing playoffs in an attempt to make the Bundesliga more intriguing and unpredictable. The 28th title of the Bavarians is seen as the ein Armutszeugnis, hardly an official one. As Franck Ribery said, winning his eighth title on his 35th birthday, becoming the champion is just the first goal in front of the club this season. Highlighted by Bayern`s headquarters and players was that the mission was to become the des Dauerchampions, the eternal champions. Ribery and Arien Robben, in the club for nine and ten years respectively, are expected to receive a continuation of their outgoing contracts, as Roumenigue Executive Director said during the festivities.
The team started the season hesitantly under the direction of Carlo Ancelotti, being beat by Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and was behind Dortmund 5 points in the championship. However, with the return of Jupp Heynckes, there was a return to the usual cold-blooded disarmament of the rivals. As Zuddjoke Zeitung portrayed him, the road was initially uneven, but then smoother smooth. After the match in Augsburg, Heinkes showed a class by thanking him for his Italian predecessor`s work and calling him extraordinary both as a coach and as a man (thus causing the return of the gesture and Carleta).

Within six months, Bayern tried and tested a formula with an almost complete return to the foundations, and the approach undoubtedly paid off. With one foot at the exit, Ribery and Robben bloomed with the resulting responsibilities in an attack next to Sandro Wagner who has 5 goals

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