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Draymond Green has paid a fine for criticism of judging

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Drahmond Green of the Golden State was fined $ 25, 000 by the US and Canadian National Basketball League (NBA) for criticism of the judging. `It`s bad, it`s bad, and I do not know why it`s funny, and it`s ruining the game advised by football goals video clips - that`s one of the main, if not the most important, task to solve, ` he said. Green criticized the interview after winning the Golden State against Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday.

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 Game  : Dyn. Kyiv - Murcia 
 Kick-off: 25 01 2022, 17:00 
 7 hours and 39 minutes remain 

 Game  : Morocco - Malawi 
 Kick-off: 25 01 2022, 20:00 
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 Kick-off: 25 01 2022, 20:45 
 11 hours and 24 minutes remain 

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