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Football prediction Jordan denies Newey`s contract with Ferrari is practically signed

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Adrian Newey`s manager and former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan has spoken out about Jonathan McAvoy`s post. The Daily Mail journalist claimed that the designer leaving Red Bull has already signed or will soon sign a contract with Ferrari.

According to Jordan, Newey has not yet made a choice.

We all adore Jonathan McAvoy, but it`s absolutely wrong to be so confident that [Newey] will join a specific team - in this case, Ferrari.

I speak as someone who should know and am not disclosing information: at no stage were there any discussions of this kind [with Ferrari]. There will be negotiations, and they are ongoing, because we have not yet decided what Adrian wants.

God, the man is already 60-something years old, he has a new yacht, and I would say that along with all the potential teams we are talking about, the fifth team should be himself. Him and [his wife] Amanda.

They have a lovely home in Cape Town, we see them often and they are great friends. I have no idea, and I want to make it clear: the choice is Adrian`s in any case, as it should be, but there is no clear decision.

Jonathan, I can only do this through our small media: I really like your work, but, you know, this information is inaccurate. I can swear on my life. There`s no directional shift at the moment - we`re exploring options and allowing different parties to have discussions with us, " Eddie said on the Formula for Success podcast.

Jordan denies Newey`s contract with Ferrari is practically signed Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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