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Arsene Wenger sent scouts for Transfer Goal 1 for the summer

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has sent scouts to watch the French transfer goal No. 1 for the summer selection - Napoli`s central defender, Caliduali Kulibali. Wenger is ready to give a significant sum for a big name to strengthen the defense. Expectations for good games analyzed by verified football tips were aimed at Shkodran Mustafi, but he failed to impress so far.

Wenger has been criticized for defending problems, with Arsenal already having 36 goals and eight losses in the Premier League. Arsenal has announced solid revenues after it became clear that a new five-year partnership contract with the Emirates has been signed. The deal in question is the largest one ever signed by the club.

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 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 20:00 
 8 hours and 10 minutes remain 

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 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 17:30 
 5 hours and 40 minutes remain 

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 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 21:00 
 9 hours and 10 minutes remain 

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