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Leicester was close, but Crouch`s specialty was on the menu again

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Stoke City and Leicester played a nice match analyzed by record of football predictions at the start of the 11th round in the Premier League, in which they scored four goals but failed to win, ending a 2: 2 clash at Bet365 Stadium. Vicente Ibora (33 u0026 039;) gave an advance to the guests, but only six minutes later Djerdan Shakuri (39 u0026 039;) equalized. After the break, Riyad Marse (60 u0026 039) again brought Leicester forward, but the ubiquitous Peter Crouch (73 u0026 039) formed the final result.

`Potters` started with the same team that beat Watford a week ago. Ben Chillwell could not play for Leicester because of an injury. Shinji Okazaki started as a champion.

Guests started better. In the 11th minute, Shawcros at the last minute blocked Vardi from grasping Gray`s centering. A dozen minutes later, they reached Okazaki to reach the far beam to Gray`s new centering. In the 24th minute the game was interrupted for several minutes, as the referee, Robert Madley, was injured and had to be replaced by fourth judge John Moss. Four minutes later, the `potters` organized their most dangerous attack so far. Sobi drew Chubo-Moting`s eyes with Schmeichel, but Lester`s guard saved.

In the 33rd minute the logical happened. Marechs centering well from the corner, Maguire`s head shot, dropping the ball to the ground. Ebora quickly turned and shot Butland close - 0: 1.

Only six minutes later, Shakuri equalized after receiving a knockout from Chupo-Minging, straightened the right flank and fired technically in the far corner. The ball bangs the beam and goes into the door for 1: 1.

At the end of the half-time, Shakirri shot another dangerous shot, but Shameyel knocked to his nearest beam.

In the 49th minute, Butland saved a very dangerous shot from a distant distance from Mauer. A few minutes later the Algerian again fired dangerously, but this time the ball went sideways.

In the 59th minute Shamecke demonstrated a brilliant reflex and shot an exact shot with Shawkross`s head. In the defensive attack, Leicester stepped forward again. Mares received from the right, keeping very skillfully and firing in the far corner - 1: 2.

In the 73rd minute, Peter Krauch, who made his way through the field, filled his crown number, finding his way through the corner. Five minutes later, Vardi missed Leicester again, when a nice hit hit him out of the door. Two minutes before the end, Ianassho`s goal was correctly canceled for ambush. In the added time, Crouch was close to even bringing the potters to victory after he again knocked his head from a corner from Shakuri, but Shameyel saved.

Leicester ranks tenth in the standings with 13 points. Stoke is 14th, with 12 points.


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