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Football tips Hudson-Odoi: One conversation with Lampard was enough for me to stay at Chelsea!

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The Chelsea midfielder Callum Hudson-Odoi revealed that a conversation with team manager Frank Lampard was enough to make the 19-year-old winger re-sign for five years with the Londoners in September. As it is known, earlier this year the young talent was heavily linked to a transfer to Bayern (Munich), but with his new contract his future at Stamford Bridge now seems far more certain.

'I was considering switching to Bayern. It was at times when I was not happy or when I wanted to play more. I even thought: "What if I did?", However, it only took one conversation with Lampard that convinced me to stay. He told me that he believed in me, that he wanted me to work hard, and that if I believed in myself, then he would believe in me as well, and that things would work out for me at the club. He wanted me to play for him. There were some encouraging words you wanted to hear from your manager. It was exciting that a new manager was coming to the team and knowing that he would rely on at least a few of the young players!', Hudson-Odoi said.

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