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Football prediction Ronaldo flew in and brought Juve an important victory

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Juventus scored a valuable 2-1 victory over Sampdoria in a 17th round Serie A draw. The Bianconeri had lost their last two away games to Marassi, but today they broke that bad streak and recorded an important three points in their assets, once again being the sole leader in the Championship, at least before playing in the other rounds. Paulo Dybala put the visitors ahead in the 19th minute, but Canluca Capri evened in the 35th minute. In the 45th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo became a hero for the Turin players and scored a header after an incredible rebound, which turned out to be the victory of the match.

The hosts had selected Canluca Capriri and Gaston Ramirez to be the pair in the front positions. In the middle of the pitch, he relied on Jakub Yankto, Carol Linetti and Morten Torsby.

For guests, though, Maurizio Sarri had decided to bet on a rather attacking squad with the trio Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala in attack. In the middle of the field, the game was run by Miralem Panic, Adrien Rabio and Bless Matthew.

The meeting was a memorable one for Canluigi Buffon, who recorded his 647 match via contacts with football picks in the Italian elite and matched record scorer Paolo Maldini. He also outperforms Alessandro Del Piero in Juve in the Championship - 479.
At the beginning of the game, Juventus held more of the ball. However, the Bianconeri relied on gradual play-offs that did not lead to anything dangerous in the front positions.
In fact, the first goal of the meeting was for the hosts. In the 17th minute, Jason Murillo centers on Gaston Ramirez, who shoots a header but does not hamper Buffon.
Just two minutes later, Juve led the way. Dybala received a long pass in the penalty area and with a great diagonal shot of the will scored a beautiful goal for 0:1.
In the 35th minute the score was leveled after two gross mistakes by Alex Sandro. The Brazilian first allowed the ball to be taken to his touch, and then in an attempt to correct his mistake he cleared the ball at Capriari`s legs, which without hesitation fired into the goal for 1:1.
Juve immediately reacted and in the 42nd minute Ronaldo sharply centered in front of the goalkeeper`s box, but none of his teammates managed to take advantage and hit the ball in the goal.
In the 45th minute, the Turin regained their lead. Alex Sandro centers on the left and Cristiano Ronaldo `flies` in the air to hit the ball with his head in the door for 1:2.
In the added time, Yakub Yankto tested Buffon with a long shot, but the veteran was in place and confidently caught.
The first opportunity for the second part was again for Yankto. He controlled a clean ball after a corner kick and fired outside the penalty box, but again in Buffon`s hands.
In the 55th minute, Torsby also tried a long shot, but could not find the outline of the door.
In the 62nd minute, the events were carried over to the other door, where Danilo shot from a distance, but his shot was saved by the keeper.
In the 68th minute Ronaldo shot at the opponent`s goal, but after a rebound in the defender the ball became easy for the keeper.
In the 75th minute Aaron Ramsay tried a shot from a difficult position and was not very far from the goal, but the ball went over the door.
In the 87th minute, Murio was in the front position Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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