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Football predictions Wijnaldum`s hat and a 5-0 thunder for the Netherlands

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The Netherlands defeated Estonia 5-0 in their last Euro 2020 qualification match. The captain of this game was Georgette Wijnaldum with a hat trick, and Nathan Ake and debutant Myron Boadou added one hit.
Despite the convincing success, the hosts remained in second place in the final standings, two points behind Germany. The Estonians finished last without a single victory. 53, 000 filled the stands at the Johan Cruyff Arena to see their pets win again and congratulate them on their Eurofinals.

Dutch selector Ronald Kuman has bet on Memphis Depay, Luke de Jong and young star AZ Alkmaar Calvin Stengs. The guests, however, acted in the front positions only with Eric Sorg.
The `Tulips` kicked off and led in the 6th minute with a goal from captain Giorgio Wijnaldum. Liverpool midfielder was accurate with his head after Promes centered. Thus, Vinaldum became the first Dutchman to be hit in three consecutive games for the national team since Robin van Persie in 2013.

Shortly after, Vinaldum was able to increase to 2-0, but goalkeeper Sergei Lempets saved. At the same time, Germany were losing 0-1 from Northern Ireland and in this development the `Tulips` would be the winners in the group. They continued to press their opponents and in the 19th minute Memphis Depai centered Nathan Ake, who made it 2-0.
By the break the hosts were wasting a few more positions. The Estonians, however, bathed and looked a little more dignified than at the beginning of the match.

In the second half, another debutant from AZ Alkmaar - Myron Boadou - appeared in a game for the Netherlands. Lempets` brilliant performances prevented the Orange from scoring a quick goal after the game via verified football tips resumed. However, protecting the guests could not withstand the long pressures of the Dutch. In the 66th minute Vinaldum signed for the second time, which finally broke Estonia.
In the 79th minute, Wijnaldum found the net again, making his hat trick. The submission was to Stengs, and in the 87th minute Kevin Strootman passed to Boad and the 18-year-old talent opened his head for the `tulips`.

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