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Football tipster A very strange penalty helped Athletic Bilbao - Black Friday of San Mames

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The Athletic Bilbao team won 2-0 over visiting Granada in the 15th round of La Liga.

The first goal came after a largely non-existent penalty. Domingos Duarte pushed Raoul Garcia when the goalkeeper had already caught the ball. The defender`s slight wailing was seen as a penalty shootout despite Garcia`s overplay. It is curious that, despite the infamous refereeing decision, goalkeeper Rui Silva parried Raul Garcia`s shot. The referee ordered the penalty to be beaten as the guard was not on the line during the execution. In the 83rd Yuri Bercici scored the second goal.

Otherwise, the team from Los Carmenes started strong and in the fourth minute could take advantage of the scattered play of Basque goalkeeper Unai Simon. In the 24th, Inyaki Williams impressed with a nice raid, but was disappointed with the joke. The Southerners started the second part strongly. Shortly before the end of the match, Unai Lopez dropped a low pass into the penalty area and left-back Yuri scored with a twine for the final predictions by contacts with football picks 2:0.

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