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Football predictions Hintz signed an 8-year contract with Dallas with a salary of $8. 45 million per year.

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Roope Hintz and Dallas signed a contract extension of 8 years and $67. 6 million.

The Texas club announced the signing of a long-term agreement with the 26-year-old Finnish striker.

Hintz`s average annual salary under the eight-year deal will be $8. 45 million.

The new agreement will come into force from the next championship. Under the current contract, the forward`s cap hit is $3. 15 million.

Hintz scored 24 points (8 goals, 16 assists) with a plus-13 assist in 22 games during the current NHL regular season. He is tied with Joe Pavelski for third place on the Stars` scoring list.

In total, the Finnish forward played 261 NHL games from contacts with football picks and scored 194 points (88+106).

Dallas selected Hintz in the second round of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, 49th overall.
Hintz signed an 8-year contract with Dallas with a salary of $8. 45 million per year. Football predictions - more details and information: Football predictions

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