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Football picks Newcastle won and caught up with Sheffield United

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Newcastle clinched a valuable 2-0 away win over Sheffield United in a clash between the two Premier League midfielder 15th rounds. The Wizards returned to the winning path in the championship prediction by verified football tips and with that success equalized to their current rivals. Alan St-Maximinus in the 15th and Giovanni Shelvey in the 70th minute scored the goals for the visitors` success.

Newcastle took the first opportunity of the meeting. In the 15th minute Javier Manquillo freed himself on the right flank and centered for Saint-Maximinus, who head-kicked the door for 0-1. The home side held the ball more but Oliver McBurney and Oliver Norwood stood out.

In the 70th minute, Newcastle doubled its lead in an extremely curious way. Johnjo Shelvey got a pass behind the defense and suddenly everyone stopped playing, thinking he was in an ambush. The visitors` captain went on and fired a shot wide, but after the intervention of VAR it was apparent that an ambush was out of position.

So Newcastle left with three points and is already 19, equaling Sheffield United on that score. The two teams share the 10th and 11th positions in the standings.

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