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United`s turn without Pong for the derby

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The difference between Manchester United this season is a good team and this is a very good team has its name:Paul Pogba.
The Red Devils missed only two points in the eight Premier League games in which the Frenchman played the season and scored 24 goals in them. Compare this to the seven missed misses of the semi-defender:8 missed points and just 11 accurate hits.
Then remember the worst performances of Jose Mourinho so far:Anfield vs. Liverpool, John Smith vs. Huddersfield and Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. All three happened during the six-week absence of the club`s record-breaking purchase due to muscle injury. All three can be defined in one word:mixed.

When Pogba plays, he provides the game order, a link between the defense and the attack. This is invaluable for Mourinho against the league`s leading teams as he allows him to bet on a deep defensive block and take advantage of the lightning counter attacks launched by his midfield leader. The first 73 minutes of Arsenal`s exciting Arsenal victory gave the perfect proof of this thesis.
In the 74th, however, Pogba was expelled for reckless entry against Ektor Beierin and, after United decided not to appeal the decision of Chief Justice Andre Mariner, now the most important player of the team will miss the most important game of the season so far;the Sunday Derby against Manchester City.
With Josep Guardiola standing 8 points above the city`s rival in the standings table, what moves could United take to compensate for the lack of his ace and reduce the lead to five?

Given that both Marwan Felaini and Michael Carrick are unlikely to be on the derby, Ander Herrera remains the only experienced midfielder to whom Mourinho may be in the case.
Declared as a Red Bull Racer last season, the Spaniard has had a lot more trouble playing this season, and he has not been able to take advantage of his chances when he gets them.
But even though he lacks the technique and vision of Pogba`s game, Hera is more capable of providing a balance between attack and defense in the center of the pitch than Fellaini or Carrick, even if they were available. In the current team of United, it is the best alternative, and its ability to work is especially needed against City team, which is expected to dramatically win the possession of the ball.

Mourinho`s approach to Anfield in October was criticized as cowardly, but his hopes of winning a proverbial victory could become a reality if he had bet on his current tactical system 1-3-5-2.
Against Liverpool in line 1-4-2-3-1, the only two players in overwhelmingly offensive roles were Romulus Lukaku and Henrich Mhhtaaryan, who remained completely isolated. Against Arsenal, Lukaku failed to break his goal in the league, but he was far more involved in the game advised by football-capper with a frontman in the face of Antoni Marciail.
After Emirates`s victory, the television analyst?

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