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Rummenigge: `The small clubs want the transfer window to be longer!`

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The Executive Director of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who until recently had been a longtime Chairman of the Association of European clubs, did a pretty curious comment about the transfer window.

As it is known, the next summer transfer window in the Premier League will close at the end of August, shortly before the start of the season. Such a request is already being seen in the Bundesliga and in the other leagues.

`We need to find a solution for all European leagues, regardless of the start of the season for each of them. A complete closing of the transfer window on 31 July will contribute to the return of rationality and reason in soccer!`, Rummenigge commented in front of the club predicted by football tipping site magazine of Bayern.

`I want to point out that the idea for the early closure of the transfer window has not been stopped by major European clubs, and by the smaller ones, who wanted to respond to the market in a possible dropout in the qualifiers of the UEFA Champions League. Clubs, coaches, and fans will benefit from the early closing of the transfer window because everyone will be aware of the players at their clubs before the start of the season.`, added Rummenigge.

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