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Football prediction Real M went on the razor for the fifth consecutive success, but doubts about a penalty remained

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Champions Real Madrid once again caught up with Atletico Madrid at the top of La Liga. Zinedine Zidane`s team beat Eibar 3-1 as a guest and has an equal point as its teammates, but has two more games to their credit. For the `whites` this is the fifth consecutive success in all tournaments, four of them in the championship.

Ipurua`s match predicted by football livescore was very similar to the one against Atletico Bilbao a few days ago. Karim Benzema scored after 6 minutes of play, and in the 13th Luka Modric doubled. In the 28th Kike Garcia returned one goal, after which the hosts had a number of clear opportunities for an equalizer. In the 90th Sergio Ramos saved a safe goal, and in the counterattack Lucas Vazquez made the final 3:1 for Real.

The Madrid players also squandered several lucrative situations and could regret it. Twice the Basques insisted on receiving a penalty for playing with Ramos` hand, but both referees fell silent, despite the VAR reviewing the situation. The moment in the 83rd minute was especially controversial.

Zidane made two castlings in his starting 11 compared to the previous match. Sentenced Casemiro and Rodrigo replaced Federico Valverde and Vinicius Junior. Lucas Vazquez, who has been playing very hard lately, started again from the first minute. Luka Modric started in the 11th consecutive match, including those for the Croatian national team. In the second half, however, he complained of a muscle problem in his thigh and was replaced.

Eibar is only in 14th place mainly due to its poor result at home. There, the team still has no victory and even scored only two goals.

The beginning turned out to be perfect for the guests. They took the lead in the 6th minute, when Rodrigo kicked Benzema behind the defense and the blade scored through the plunge of Marko Dmitrovic - 1:0 for Real. Thus, he became the most productive Frenchman (176 goals) in the top 5 European championships without Ligue 1, surpassing Thierry Henry.

After another seven minutes, `los merenguez` were already celebrating a second goal. Lucas Vazquez`s persistence led to the ball being taken dangerously close to Eibar`s goal. Benzema`s pass to Modric followed and the midfielder scored the ball under the crossbar - 2:0.

In the 16th Benzema missed to make 3:0, after Modric brought him alone against the goalkeeper, but his header went out.

Eibar`s players immediately brought the game forward and put the opponent in the press. This gave a result in the 28th, when the ball was won in front of the field and with a long shot Kike did not give a chance to Thibaut Courtois - 1:2.

In the 36th Benzema made another impressive play, which ended with a kick in the net, but this goal was not recognized due to an ambush. Seconds later, Ferlan Mendy stormed the left wing and made a strong pass on the ground on the far post to Lucas Vazquez, but the Spaniard almost failed to intercept. The half ended with another chance in front of Vazquez, who dropped the ball near the goalkeeper, but a player from Eibar caught it and kicked it.

The Basques continued to be brave after the break and in the 55th Pape Cooley Diop made Courtois intervene. Seconds later, Sergio Ramos made a mistake when passing, but Takashi Inui, who was in a good position, shot disappointingly weakly.

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