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Who do we trust - Bayern or Hof?

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The news of the transfer of Sandro Wagner from Hoffenheim to Bayern Munich was presented with a small difference between the two clubs advised by football goals video clips . On the champions` website, the striker is quoted as saying:When the offer arrived, I did not even think about it. At the same time, the official press service of his former club said, `I felt flattered by Bayern`s interest, but first I had to think.

Later, the quote from the Hoffe site was deleted, which shows who improvised. Alternatively, Wagner surprises with his choice of a number in Munich - No. 2. Most numbers were busy, including my favorite 14. The pair was my second choice, explained the 30-year-old German national.

No2 is not among the most popular of the Allianz Arena. The shirt with this number has not been worn since 2012 when it was last time with her. But then the Brazilian went into jail and his odyssey in Bayern was over.

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