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Jose denied the miracle, today he is sure that United will finish in the top 6

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The Manchester United manager was expected to be asked today at his press conference for the words of his interview with Brazilian television quoted this morning in the English media. This is the statement that the `red devils` must almost perform a miracle to finish the top 4 in the Premier League. Mourinho argues that he actually thinks so, because the difference from the fourth is not that big, but he only expressed confidence that his team will be part of the big six. I do not know if I used that word or not, but I do not have that feeling at all We are eight or nine points from the fourth place so I do not think we need a miracle at all We only need a seriesgood results and not lose points that we should not lose, `said Mourinho. `I agree that Manchester United should never be the seventh, despite Everton`s phenomenal investments. ` Despite the apparent improvement in this lineup compared to last season, I do not think they will end with us at the end of the season. I think it`s clear to everyone that there are six stables that have to stay in the first six positions, and everyone knows that two of these teams will remain outside the top four, `added the Special. The Portuguese was also asked whether he really called Paul Pogba a `virus` in United`s dressing room following Southampton draw, as information appeared in recent days:`It`s one thing to ask me for an interview I gave for a BrazilianTV - something you can look at and see what I`ve said, and it`s another thing to be quoted by someone who I do not participate in. You see me at press conferences, you see me in the interviews after the games mentioned by verified football tips and you know what I said: This is totally different from `someone claims to be a casel'. I will not participate in this. `

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