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Football tips Nаinggolan: I was bitter about the way I left Roma

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The Inter midfielder Radja Nainggolan admitted there was a moment in which he felt bitter about the way he left Roma. He pointed to his successor in Serie A and shared what his plans were when he finished football.

`Inter all accepted me well. It has never been easy to change the situation. I`ve always been emotionally bound to the teams I played in. At Cagliari and Roma, I gave everything but myself, but I also got a lot. Spalletti wanted me very hard at Inter. I understand him perfectly!`, Nainggolan began.

`When I realized that Roma wanted to sell me, I ended my relationship with the club. There was a moment when I really felt bitter about the way I left Roma. I`m calm now. The way I play has earned me much respect. I always make the most of myself in the field!`, added the Ninja.

`In Italy I really like Nicolo Barella. He is aggressive, but very clean. He has a mentality of a winner and I see myself when I was younger. When I finish my career, I will not do anything about the ball. I will not be a coach or a sports commentator. I am a sincere person who says things as he thinks. I will find enemies very quickly!`, said the Belgian player.

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