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Football tip Luke Wilkshire: Zakharian is good enough for Chelsea, but why leave Dynamo? This is the best club in the world

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Ex-Dynamo defender Luke Wilkshire believes in the transfer of Arsen Zakharyan to Chelsea.

On November 8, it became known that Chelsea was about to transfer 19-year-old Dynamo midfielder Arsen Zakharyan.

Everything is possible in football, including the transfer of Zakharyan to Chelsea. In the future, this may well happen, the main thing for Arsene is to perform at a high level.

But you have to understand that it will be very difficult for him in Chelsea, this is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and they just don`t give playing time there.

Zakharian is good enough for Chelsea, but at the same time, why would he want to leave Dynamo? This is the best club analyzed by buy football tips in the world, - said the ex-player of Dynamo Moscow.

This season, RPL World Arsen Zakharyan has played 15 matches for Dynamo, scoring two goals and five assists. You can see his detailed statistics.
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