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Football predictions Kevin Durant: It`s probably my fault we don`t play at Christmas

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Brooklyn star forward Kevin Durant pleaded guilty to the NBA not including the Nets in this year`s Christmas program.

Yes, the Knicks-Nets would be a great Christmas game.

Especially with the way the Knicks are playing right now, and the way we`re playing, I think that would be the perfect Christmas game. Hope it happens someday.

Yeah, it`s probably my fault we don`t play at Christmas because of what happened this summer. But listen to what is, what is. We play on the 26th, which is pretty close, " Durant said.

This season, the NBA Christmas program will consist of five games: New York - Philadelphia, Dallas - Lakers, Boston - Milwaukee, Golden State - Memphis and Denver - Phoenix.

During the off-season, Durant asked the Nets for a trade and also demanded the sacking of general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. The club analyzed by contacts with football picks was unable to find a suitable exchange option.

Kevin Durant: It`s probably my fault we don`t play at Christmas Football predictions - more details and information: Football predictions

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