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Grozman is looking for a house in Barcelona

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Antoine Grossman`s future seems to be linked to Barcelona. According to Radio Catalunya and TV3, the French star, or if we need to be more specific, his wife is already looking at houses in the Catalan capital. His half-Erika has looked at several properties both in Barcelona and around the city.

Mrs. Greisman has spent the most time viewing real estate in Castelldefels where the three stars of the Blaubranas attack - Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coettinho - live. She also visited houses in Pedralbes, where Neymar lived, and where Ousmane Dembele is currently performing.

In Madrid, Grizzman and his family live in La Finca, where they are virtually isolated from the outside world and have serious security, but when transferred to Catalonia, things will have to change because there are not so strictly guarded real estate in the Autonomous Region. The 26-year-old Frenchman has been playing for Atletico since 2014, and previously spent five years in Real Sociedad. The last transfer on the Atletico Madrid-Barcelona axis was in 2015, when Arda Touran took over from the capital of Spain to that of Catalunya. The Turkish national, however, did not get himself in the ranks of los cules and is currently being transferred to his homeland. where he played for Istanbul Bashkachevir.

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