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And Chelsea gave up on Luis Enrique because of his demands

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Negotiations between Chelsea and Luis Enrique are over. According to Marca, the Spaniard will not be the next manager of the London team, as the reason for this is the excessive demands of the former coach of Barcelona. Arsenal has recently refused to invite Enrique to Arsene Wenger`s successor for similar reasons, according to the Israeli media, the Spaniard has demanded too high a salary. The negotiations that Chelsea started in January-February and the beginning was quite encouraging, but soon afterwards Enrique demonstrated its complexity. According to sources close to Chelsea, Enrique`s behavior was `arrogant`, and his demands for absolute power in terms of building the lineup could not be accepted by the owner Roman Abramovich. As for Antonio Conte`s future, tomorrow`s FA Cup final according football-capper against Manchester United will certainly be the last for the Italian at the Stamford Bridge club, regardless of the outcome of the game, Marca says.

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