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Another stadium + another coat = other team

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Of course, it can not be inferior. Atletico Madrid returned the worst memories of his story on Tuesday night and added Karabakh to his horror museum, where honorary positions occupy OFI (Crete), Vojvodina, Polytechnic Timisoara, and so on.
The Metropolitan`s match according verified football tips brought us back to the darkest times of the mats, in which the shame and mockery accompanied the team. European Grand Troubled in his new glamorous home from Azerbaijan team -;total horror!
This atletico showed all the flaws that led him to full mediocrity. The point was how such a rival dominated the ball against players who had been knocked out between their teeth before, and now seemed to appear on the terrain with baby sling. Allowing goals that before this army in red and white would never allow, especially from static situations. Guides are released in the result. Leaders have drastically lowered their level, and because of the transfer embargo, there is no fresh blood to get them back to the best of their faces.

Changing the coat of arms, changing the stadium, changing the shirt -;is, there was no way the team could not be replaced. That`s exactly what is happening. This is totally unrecognizable and its main identifying features are lost and forgotten. For such an association with the sentimental club, so many changes seem to be devastating. Nothing of what made this team the best in the history of the red-and-white club could not stand. He is now just a sum of 11 lost souls without confidence and self-confidence, and even El Cholo`s waking and dead speeches can not reverse the situation. Simeone has forgotten the way, and his players seem to have lost faith in their leader.
Attention! Because the Argentine coach has always said he would leave Athletes as soon as that happened.
Alvaro Roca, Mark

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