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Chelsea saved the season with FA Cup and victory over United, who only stayed second

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Chelsea defeated Manchester United with Wembley 1-0 in the 137th FA Cup Final. Eden Hazard realized the only penalty shot in the 22nd minute. In this way, Londoners saved their bad season, finishing fifth in the Premier League final from football-capper standings, and in the next campaign the team will play in Europa League. This is the eighth England Cup for the Blue. Manchester United ended the season without a trophy, with the `red devils` having to settle for only second place in the championship.

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 Game: Nomme Utd - Kalju 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 18:30 
 Prediction: Kalju -1 
 Result: 0:4 
 Status: WON 

 Game  : Galway - Longford 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 20:45 
 Game has started 

 Game: Hvidovre IF - Koge 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 19:00 
 Prediction: Hvidovre IF -1.5 
 Result: 1:0 
 Status: Lost 

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