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Zidane`s expected choice is significantly different to the wishes of fans

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Around 50, 000 fans voted in Marca`s poll on what lineup and what edifice should come out of Real Madrid in today`s clash with Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League. Only 13, 59% believe that Karim Benzema should be among the champions, which seems to be the plan of the coach Zinedine Zidane. The majority are categorical that the Frenchman must be on the bench.

At most - 36, 04%, gave their vote for Isco in the midfield and Cristiano Ronaldo and Garrett Bail in a 4-4-2 attack. 24, 14% of the voters do not want Bale, and prefer Isko and Marco Asencio to help the CR7 in front of building 4-3-3. Third place in the leaderboard is Bede, Cristiano and Asencio, and without Isko in it - 16. 59%.

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