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Football tipster Jabeur on women not playing a single evening match at Roland Garros: We deserve a smarter schedule

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Ons Jabeur spoke about the evening matches at Roland Garros.

- I can talk a lot on this topic. As you said, there were 10 evening matches, all men`s. I didn`t expect the women`s matches to be scheduled late in the evening, but playing the quarter-finals at 11 am is an unpleasant experience. We deserve to be on our site. It`s better to play in the afternoon. There will be more spectators, the stadium will be more full. VIP guests will appear - everything is as usual.

But I really hope, as I already said, that the contract with [Amazon] Prime will be discussed. I really don`t understand all the intricacies, even for men. It`s not good for them to play so late after midnight either. Yesterday we saw how difficult it was for Novak because of his knee.

Was this because he was unable to recover properly? I think all tennis players - both men and women - deserve better. We deserve smarter scheduling.

This was also discussed in Australia. And we continue on our website. Even you, the journalists, shouldn`t feel very good about these night matches mentioned by verified football tips either. I speak for everyone.

So we need higher salaries (smiles). No, I`m kidding. But who knows? We need to find a solution that suits everyone - the players, the journalists, the whole team. The big kids are small, and they also stay on the courts until late. I don`t know if this whole situation is logical at all.

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