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Lopethei:I will not comment on Zidane`s decisions about Isko

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Spain`s national coach, Ulen Lopethei, was pleased with his 6-1 victory over Argentina, but did not want to comment on the relationship between Isco and Real Madrid`s coach, Zinedine Zidane.

A hero for La Furia has become the midfield midfielder who has made a hat trick in the door of the Gaucos. After the match, Isko made a curious comment about the situation in Real Madrid, hinting that this is his last season with the white shirt. The Spanish technician has no place in the starting lineup of Zinedine Zidane, and in the media space are already being circulated various rumors about the future of the midfielder, which Lopethegy avoided commenting. I`m not going to talk about Real Madrid and Zidane`s decisions I have not learned anything more about Iskos since today`s performance I am very pleased to be able to rely on him I hope he will be happier in his clubover the next two months, and then he will join us again, `the Spanish coach said. `I greet the boys and thank everyone for their contribution. ` We won a team with a fantastic story that played the finals of a world championship, `Lopetegi finished.

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