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Football tipsters Sobolenko on the mood for the match with Pegula: You try not to think about the necessary scenario, but you still keep it in your head

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The seventh racket of the world, Arina Sobolenko, told about the mood with which she went to the last match of the group stage of the final prediction by buy football tips WTA tournament against Jessica Pegula (6:3, 7:5).

Sobolenko and Pegula played in front of Maria Sakkari and Ons Zhaber. The victory in two sets almost guaranteed the Belarusians access to the semi-finals.

I keep telling myself: Just stay focused, keep fighting, whether it`s in two or three sets, just win, get extra points. At the end, I felt a little pressure, because you try not to think about the necessary alignment, but you still keep it in your head. Glad I was able to finish in two sets.

At the very beginning, I told the team that I would prefer to play the second start, so that I would know 100% what it takes to get through.

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