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Juventus - Inter (the teams)

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The big derby of Italy between Juventus and Inter ended without a winner. Both teams failed to score in the clash of the Allianz Stadium in Turin, which ended 0:0. This result seemed to satisfy the guests who held their first place in the `A` standings and remained without defeat at the beginning of the season. The `Nerazzurri` had apparently come to not lose this game, mostly defending and achieving their goal. The Bianconers did everything they could to get the three points, but Samir Handanovich refused the Torino strikers and once the beam helped the guests. The hosts this time bet on a three-attack schedule with Gonzalo Iguaine, Juan Quadrado and Mario Manjukic in the front row. Bles Matthew, Miralem Pianich and Sami Kedera built the game from contacts with football picks in the middle of the field.

The guests went out with Mauro Icardi at the top of the attack, with the support of Ivan Perissic, Marcello Brozovic and Antonio Candreva from behind positions.

Juventus created the first interesting opportunity in the game. In the 9th minute the hosts missed a great chance to find the result. A center ball came to the uncovered Mario Manjukic in the penalty area, which shot close, but failed to overcome Samir Handanovic. Then the ball again reached the Croat, who tried a second shot with his head, but Joao Miranda cleared the goal.

In the 14th minute Miralem Pianich had a chance to shoot from a foul of about 25 meters but did not find the outline of the door.

In the 24th minute, Marcelo Brozowic tried a centric crossing, but Wojciech Shcsewi was careful and captured the ball.

In the 37th minute the hosts again came to the danger. Blessed Matthew Bates with a chest shot down for Sami Kedira, who instantly hit the door, but Handanovic again took a good position and rescued him.

A minute before the end of the first half at a corner from a corner, Stirbeck broke and hit Inter`s door, but the judge also ordered an offense in the attack. Just a minute later the hosts hit a beam. Juan Quadrado centered perfectly for Manjukic, who shot his head but crossed the crossbar.

The second part started with a new chance for Juventus in the 50th minute, but Manjukic has not managed to stop the ball well and direct it to the door. Inter answered with a distant shot by Antonio Candreva, who did not hinder Scheschi. In the 54th minute Manjukic scored a shot from a distance but in the keeper`s hands. Two minutes later, a shot by Mauro Icardi stopped in the hand of Medi Benita in the penalty area, but the judge determined that the defender had not acted deliberately and did not point to the white point. The hosts were still attacking. In the 58th minute, Gonzalo Iguaine was saved by the keeper. Then in the 60th minute in an attempt to clear a ball Perrisic for a bit to mark his own goal, but again Handanovich was in his place.

In the 68th minute there was another danger ahead of Inter`s door. Handzanovic came unconscious with a centering, Sami Kedera shot a shot but failed to hit the outstretched door.

In the 71st minute, Handanovic was again a post

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