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Football predictions Jock Klia on tire wear problems: Ferrari drivers had to attack harder to keep up with Red Bull`s pace

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Ferrari chief engineer Jock Klia dismissed suggestions that the team had problems with tire wear during the season.

According to Klia, increased wear has become inevitable in light of the need to get the most out of the car more often in order to have a chance in the fight against Red Bull.

This seems to me to be misleading. We had difficulties with the pace of the car as a whole. We had two pilots who for the first 12-13 races of the season used to fight with Red Bull wheel to wheel.

But then Red Bull managed to improve a bit, breaking away from us by 0. 2 seconds on the lap. And we found ourselves in the position of catching up. And in an effort to catch up with an opponent, you try to do it as quickly as possible. At the same time, you fight the car faster than you do - and increased wear in such conditions is quite natural.

During the season, when our cars were optimally balanced, in terms of tire wear, we looked a little better than Red Bull. Whereas at the end of the season we started to have difficulties - simply because Charles Leclerc had to attack harder to try to keep up with the pace of Red Bull.

And in trying to keep behind a faster car, you simply overload your tires. And of course, it was difficult for Charles to accept and say to himself: Okay, I can`t keep up with his pace, I need to let him go. He`s a racer. So yes, loading the tires in the fight you then suffer a little more in the long run, - said Klia.

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