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A record buy of 96 was injured

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Hannover`s Brazilian striker 96 Jonathan suffered a thigh injury during a training session. Karyoka joined Hanover 96 in the summer for a record-breaking transfer from Rubin (Kazan). Then the price of the Brazilian blade was not officially announced, but according to acquaintances it is about 9 million euros. `This is very annoying, ` coach Andre Brightenreiter commented at a 96-year summer injury trauma.

The striker has scored three goals in seven games by buy football tips so far. Hannover 96 hosts Stuttgart, and Philip Tschwner, Julian Corb, Waldemar Anton and Ichthy Bebu return.

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 Game  : Zenit - Krasnodar 
 Kick-off: 13 07 2024, 19:30 
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 Game  : Brann - Haugesund 
 Kick-off: 13 07 2024, 19:15 
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