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Dynamo walked away with an important point from Kazan

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Dynamo (Moscow) goalkeeper Anton Shunin made several key rescues and had a major credit for the point the team won at Rubin`s visit. The game according verified football tips ended 0: 0 and the hosts could regret their shortcomings after the break. Equality holds Dynamo 13th in the standings, while Rubin is 7th. Dynamics have not been successful in Kazan for more than 10 years - a series that has not been interrupted today. Upon returning to the elite, the team from the capital is adapting hard and has only three victories over the season. Rubin entered the fight with the attitude that he had no right to mistake. Kurban Berdiev`s team recorded 4 consecutive losses, before in the last round to over Rostov.

Berdyev could not count on his titular warden Soslan Dzanayev, Gokkenzez Karadeniz stood on the bench and Moritz Bauer returned to the right wing of the defense. Dinamo`s coach, Yuri Calitvintsev, bet on the same players who started in the victory over SKA-Khabarovsk. Yan M u0026 039 Villa shoots from a remote distance at first but inaccurately. Dynamo tried several contenders on the left flank but not once in danger of centering in the penalty box. Rubin apparently had the initiative without, however, endangering Anton Schoonin. By the time of the break, there was only one interesting situation, but the referee Kiril Lehnkov overtook Maxim Lesnil in the penalty area of Dinamo. On the half-time, both coaches made a shift by releasing Sardar Azumun and Rubin and Vanderson for Dynamo. In the 62nd minute, Ruslan Kambolov led Ausmun to a good position, but Shunin narrowed the corner and saved. Shortly thereafter, Maxim Kanunnikov could also score for casino but shoot at Shunin`s foot.

In the last minutes, the guests were very centered, but Shunin and the defenders did not bend. The nearest to Rubin`s goal was M u0026 039 Villa, but his strong punch crossed over the beam and in the added time Shunin slapped in a corner and shot Azmune.

In the next round, Rubin visits Ufa, and Dynamo will accept the other novice at Chimki, Toshno.





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