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Football prediction Xhaka grabbed his genitals and shouted I`m your mother! Suck it, asshole! Before that, the coach of Serbia shouted I am your Shiptar mothers

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Granit Xhaka reacted rudely to the words of the coach of the Serbian national team after the 2nd goal of Switzerland.

that Dragan Stojkovich shouted I am your Shiptar mothers! after the goal of Dusan Vlahovic.

After these words, the midfielder of the Swiss national team grabbed his genitals and shouted: I am your mother. Come and suck me, you fucking asshole!

This gesture of Xhaka outraged the substitute players of the Serbian national team. They jumped off the bench, and the substitute goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic even received a yellow card.

Football is a game of emotions. For me, emotions are an important part of football, " Xhaka said after the game.

The match ended with a 3-2 victory for Switzerland. In the 1/8 final advised by football-capper match, the team will face Portugal.

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