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Sturridge is determined to leave in January

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Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge wants to leave the club analyzed by verified football tips in January to be able to play more often and thus win a call to England`s national team for the World Cup finals in Russia. The 28-year-old footballer was not used at the last two matches, although in the previous two matches he had a chance to score two goals. England`s own coach Garrett Southgate said that Sturridge is one of the country`s biggest contenders who are getting too few chances to appear to be able to get into his current plans. According to Mirr, Sturge does not see how Anfield`s situation will change in the coming months, so he wants to start playing in another club. The striker hopes Liverpool will put him at an adequate price that will not deter potential buyers. The half-season rental option also seems possible, although last winter Merseyside has rejected such a proposal from Paris Saint-Germain.

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