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The Football Association of England (FA) canceled Anwar El Ghazi`s red card he received for a tackle with Patrick Bamford in the second half at Leeds - Aston Villa (1:1). This match gained worldwide popularity after the home footballers, after an order from their manager Marcelo Bielsa, stopped playing and left their opponent to score. Leeds had previously revealed the result, although some of Villa`s players had stopped playing because of a teammate injury.

`Anwar El Ghazi will be available for the next three Aston Villa matches after a lawsuit was upheld by an independent regulatory commission!`, the FA said in a statement.

`As a result, Patrick Bamford has been accused of` successful scam of the match official. `It is alleged that the Leeds player`s behavior in the 72nd minute of the meeting, which included a clear act of simulation that led to the expulsion of Anwar El Ghazi are misconduct.`, the FA added.

Bamford faces a two-game penalty, which will take him out of Leeds` final game of the regular season against Ipswich and the first game by football-capper of the semifinal playoffs in the Premier League. He has the right to answer the charge.

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