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Football prediction Jets fired their GM, spent too much on Bell

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Three weeks after the draft and eight before the start of preseason camp, the New Jets surprisingly fired their general manager. Mike Maccagnan spent four years on the job and led the search for a new coach in January. Curious, but it was Adam Gays who appointed him to succeed him, temporarily co-ordinating the positions of general manager and coach.
`This morning I informed Mike that he had been released from his duties. During his four seasons, and especially in recent months, he has been an integral part of our strategy implementation. But I came to the conclusion that change was inevitable and in the long-term interest!`, it was said a statement by Jets CEO Christopher Johnson.
In addition to Mike Maccagnan, Brian Heimerdinger, the vice president of selection, was fired.
In his four seasons of Mike Maccagnan as GM, the Jets recorded 24 wins and 40 losses, only once not finishing last in AFC East. The reactive was second in 2015, missing out on the playoffs at Pittsburgh`s expense.
According to speculation, the main reason for Maccagnan`s dismissal was the amount paid to Le'Veon Bell in March. Runningback came after a year of absence from the NFL with a four-year, $ 52 contract. 5 million of which $ 35 million is guaranteed. Other $85 million was scattered for the linebacker JJ Moseley, and after the deal, Maccagnan was swept across social media as a free agent Super Bowl winner.
Hours after his appointment, Gays made his first deal. He sent linebacker Darin Lee to Kansas City for a sixth-round draft pick next year. The Ohio State product was selected as No. 20 in 2016, but recorded a measly four marches over three seasons, with only the last one being the holder. But he missed four games from football predictions in December because of a positive doping test.

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